Your name is Rebecca, and you were in a car accident. You suffered brain damage and now you'll have to stay in the hospital,  sleeping the days away while your brain recovers. Thankfully, your girlfriend Jennie is here for you. She's waiting by your bedside every time you wake up from your increasingly strange dreams.

The decisions you make in your dreams will affect your recovery and change how you interact with Jennie. Can you leave the hospital with your relationship intact?

There are 4 endings and numerous paths through the dreams.

Game Hints:

  • Use the Full Screen button to play in your browser.
  • Click anywhere to advance.
  • Drive affects your ability to recover Health.
  • Care affects your Relationship and higher Care scores are needed to counteract the drain of long hospital stays.
  • High Stress increases the chance of negative situations that harm your other stats.
  • When your Health reaches 9, you fully recover. If it hits 0, you die.
  • When your Relationship reaches 0, Jennie breaks up with you forever.

WORK IN PROGRESS. Days/Nights 6-10 are not implemented yet, but all 4 endings are obtainable.


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very deep lmao, i got to die alone and unloved at first try. either way, i enjoyed it as much as every route, congrats for your efforts!

Thank you for this wonderful game.